PT. Mulia Hasta Darma (MHD) is private company to provides a full line of enterprise networking products and solutions including Ethernet Switches, Enterprise Routers, Enterprise Wireless network (WLAN), Network Security, Telecommunication System and Network Management product portfolios. By combining networking and security technologies, wired and wireless networks, and network computing and storage resources, We helps enterprise customers to build agile network, branch, and WAN networks, as well as integrated data center infrastructure platforms. With technical service systems established worldwide, We team up with partners to provide sustainable networking solutions and to build Agile Networks

PT. Mulia Hasta Darma is company engaged in the field of providers of goods and services for infomation Systems. Technology and Security. which is oriented to provide services the best and keep abreast of technological developments. The company is also supported by experts who are trustwhorty and competent experienced in his field. we recognize that consumer confidence is not only grown throught this short introduction, but in the form of works of professionals can provide a solution  to the problems faced by our customers. these results can be achieved with dedication and professionalism.